Danica Blajda

About Danica:


When I was just 12 years old I picked up my mom’s “point and shoot” camera for the very first time. I have always loved to see things from unexpected angles, so I would photograph the underneaths of flowers, the reflections of the trees in the glassy lake, and my sister in fun poses in the backyard. I was lucky enough to take a trip out to California to visit some family where my late older cousin (who was an incredible artist of all kinds) introduced me to my first DSLR camera. He took me to the beach, cool looking spots on the side of the road, and down to the farmer’s market to photograph everything we could find. He taught me the basics of everything I have grown to respect about photography. When we got home he introduced me to photoshop and how to make my images pop while keeping their natural essence. Some of my favorite photographs to this day were taken on that trip. Once I flew home I saved enough money I purchased my very first camera which made it all the way through my freshman year in college! It now proudly lives on as tattoo on my leg.


I still live in central New Hampshire and own a studio in the heart of Concord. My husband is my biggest support system (as well as my own personal I.T. department) and often accompanies me to weddings as my second shooter. We had our first baby, our daughter Parker, in November of 2019. You will see her featured all over my social media, as well as our Corgi, Leo, who is a very good boi and model pupper.